Our People



Firm Events

Community of Families:

Five other major firm-wide events are held every year in addition to many smaller activities for the purpose of building cohesion. These events and activities are all planned and executed by members of the Firm. Coleman & Williams, Ltd. takes great pride in its family atmosphere and cordial work environment. 


Volunteer Activity:

In an effort to give back to our community, each member of the company selects a volunteer activity of interest to do for the year. Also, the company is divided into two (community of families) for each group to select a volunteer activity of choice. Then the company selects a volunteer activity for which every member gets to participate.


Celebration of Cultures:

Every 2 years, the Firm sponsors the "Celebration of Cultures". This is a black-tie event for members, their families, community members and clients to socialize and to taste food from around the globe. 

Camping trip to Plymouth, Wisconsin:

Every year, the firm sponsors a four day camping trip at Plymouth Rock. This is a perfect way to unwind, unplug, relax, and reconnect with friends, family, and nature. Plymouth Rock is 180 acre resort with playgrounds, pools, a hot tub, bike, boat, canoe, and kayak rentals, a camp store, WiFi, a huge activity field, activity center baseball field, and basketball and volleyball courts.

Miller Park Event:

As a way to get to know our clients better and outside of the work environment, we tailgate a Brewers game with our clients. This is a fun way to bond with our clients and get to know them better.

Picnic at Lake Michigan:

Every fall, the company sponsors a picnic event along the shores of Lake Michigan for members and family. This is to help members interact with each other in a non work environment and get to know other members and their families.


Thanksgiving dinner and Holiday party:

As a way of saying thanks to our hardworking staff and their family members, we sponsor a thanks giving dinner. This is a formal event for members of the company and their family to get together as one big family to share a meal and appreciate each other for their contribution to the success of the company.